Devoated is a local, barista-owned oat milk company, here to fix the broken system created by big oat companies. No more oat milk made 1000's of miles away delivered in tiny, hard-to-pour containers. At Devoated we create, package, and deliver our delicious easy to pour oat milk directly to you!

The task at hand was to cook up one-of-a-kind labels for Oat Milk gallon containers, shining a spotlight on their local, handmade essence, all while acknowledging the hurdles faced by 'Big Oat' players and their barista packaging. For this brand, I delivered custom packaging labels, conjured 3D product visuals, transformed their typeface into a user-friendly font, and even added some bonus vector assets to the mix.
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Designed by Colby Clites @clitescreative​​​​​​​
Client: Devoated Oat Milk

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