Limeade Mixed Pack
With four vibrant lime-based flavors, Cigar City Seltzer’s Limeade Mixed Pack delivers bold and refreshing seltzer for any occasion. By adding Peach, Coconut, Mango, and Cherry to our beguiling Limeade base, our brewers have created four innovative flavors that can’t be found anywhere else under the sun.

Tasting Notes:
Cherry Limeade - Ripe lime qualities are punctuated by pithy cherry flavors and a vibrant carbonation.
Mango Limeade - Bright acidity from two tropical fruit flavors recalls tiki drinks and fruit punch.
Peach Limeade - Ripe peach and zesty lime flavors mingle in an effervescent spiked beverage.
Coconut Limeade - A refreshing seltzer boasting tropical qualities of toasted coconut and lime peel.
Illustrations by Alejandra Ramos
Designed & Art Directed by Colby Clites
Cigar City Brewing | Tampa, Florida

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